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All Aligned Up at 3ZERO3

Never discount the one part of your car that actually touches the road , the tires.

Have you purchase tires for your vehicle in the last year or so ? If you are a VW, Audi, or Porsche owner, chances are you spent upwards of $500 on those tires. Yeah, not cheap. Performing a 4 wheel alignment annually is the best investment you can make to ensure that those tires last as long as they ought to.

At 3ZERO3 Motorsports we believe that regular 4 wheel alignments are part of scheduled maintenance for all Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche vehicles. Keeping your car aligned ensures :

  • Reduced tire wear.
  • Better gas mileage.
  • Improved handling.
  • Safer driviving.


Technician Tucker sits in comfort as he works on this VW R32.

Still not convinced ? Did you know that if your vehicles toe adjustment is off by as much as .34 degrees for a year of driving, that is the equivalent to dragging your wheels sideways for 68 miles or more !

Keeping your vehicle aligned will add thousands of miles to the life of your tires every year.


The heart of the Hunter Engineering Hawkeye system.

3ZERO3 Motorsports employs state of the industry technology to best serve the needs of our customers. A highlight of our facility is the Hunter Engineering Hawkeye Alignment system. With its high definition digital imaging technology, and high end components, 3ZERO3 Motorsports Technicians can ensure a laser perfect 4 wheel alignment every time.

Atop the tower are precision sensors that take high definition images for the heads that we place on your Volkswagen, Audi, or Porsche wheels.


State of the industry mounting equipment is safe even for custom wheels.

Here we see the target head mounted on a B7 Audi S4 Avant with RS4 wheels featuring a custom finish. The hardware we employ is safe for these, and all wheels. The equipment mounted to each wheel is referred to as the target head. The target head is precisely calibrated when mounted, and sends high definition information to Hawkeye system.


On the display monitor each alignment angle is clearly displayed. Every vehicle has different specifications and adjustments. Our Hunter system features the latest WinAlign 11 software which displays factory adjustments for all Audi, Volkswagen, and Porsche vehicles.

When each adjustment turns green, our technicians know they are getting close to that perfect adjustment angle.


Technician Tucker working in a seemingly sublime state. If you listen closely you can hear him whistling Disney theme music as he makes adjustments on this VW R32.

Technology is great. The technology on our Hunter alignment rack is impressive for several reasons.

  • Precision : the technological advancements inherent to our Hunter Hawkeye system allows for the most accurate readings, and thusly the most accurate adjustments to your VW, Audi, or Porsche
  • Convenience: our alignment rack is configured with underbody lighting, that allows 3ZERO3 technicians clear vision even in the darkest corners of your vehicle. Additionally they can work sitting down or own their feet as they align your vehicle. Gone are the days of lying on your back, swearing and cursing trying to perform alignments.

This is the kind of equipment that ALL technicians want to have at their disposal.


Here’s a great shot of the chassis lighting in place. Technician Tucker working away in apparent bliss and harmony.

Alignments don’t have to be boring maintenance work. Your  lowered track car will also benefit from our precision alignment equipment. Whether you just installed coilover suspension on your VW GTI or its time to get ready to race your Porsche 944 we can dial in your alignment specifications to suite your high speed or cornering needs !


Technician Andrews stands to gain access to B7 S4 suspension components.

3ZERO3 Motorsports continues to provide the highest quality service for your Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche. Not just in Denver, but in all of Colorado. This means utilizing the best available equipment to service your Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche.

For questions, comments, or concerns related to suspension and wheel alignment, repair or high performance tuning for your Volkswagen, Porsche or Audi, please contact 3ZERO3 Motorsports today !



    Dec 8, 2009
    Zac Foxx

    It’s the best system ever! I like driviving!! Haha

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