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Ever Been to HPR?

Have you ever imagined flying around a race track with your daily driver? Or drifiting around a corkscrew turn with your tires squealing? If you have ever had the desire to feel like a race car driver than maybe its time for you to come out to a track day with 3ZERO3 Motorsports. Track days are open lapping days at our home track, High Plains Raceway. Here you will be able to whip your car around some of the best corners in the state. All the while having the technical and emotional support of the 3ZERO3 Motorsports crew. TRACKDAYBLOG6

If you have ever thought about seeing how your car could preform on a REAL race track  but have been hesitant to try it or just dont know how, 3ZERO3 Motorsports is here to help! By providing an environment perfect for any car lover or enthusiasts, 3ZERO3 will prepare you and show you how to drive around the track like you have always dreamed. The 3ZERO3 Motorsports crew will take you through the track turn by turn preparing you for your spot in the drivers seat. During your ride along with in a 3ZERO3 instructor car you will be taught where to look, when to dive into corners, when to brake and when to accelerate.


A 3ZERO3 crew member will even drive your own car to show you a good average speed and how your car behaves on the track. Once you feel ready to voyage into the drivers seat, A 3ZERO3 crew member will ride along with you to ensure your safety and of course a smile on your face. After a few laps with 3ZERO3 you will have a feel for the track and your car. Once you feel comfortable enough, the time will come that you take to the wheel of your daily driver and make it feel like a racecar. You will be flying through the corners faster then you could have ever imagined all the while feeling in complete control of your car.


We invite everyone to come out and participate at track days. We encourage that your vehicle has a clean bill of health and has been recently inspected to ensure there are not any surprises out on the track. But what if something was to happen? You have not to worry, 3ZERO3 Motorsports and its crew is there to support you and ensure that your car stays in its best lapping shape. On track days we have a 2 car trailer, an assortment of tools, fluids, equipment and staff onsite to support you. We would like to remind you this is not a race, track days are great opportunities to learn more about your cars performance and handeling.


By the end of the day you will have a smile on your face and will be wanting more. Tracks days allow you to learn more about how your cars performance and handeling in a non-competitive manner. But what if you want to go faster? 3ZERO3 Motorsports can help with that too, our shop provides the best Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche tuning in the state. Come by our shop or visit our online store to find all of the parts you can think of.


Open lapping days at HPR begin att 8:00AM. That means we leave our shop by 6:30AM to ensure we are at the track by 7:45AM. Before the morning and afternoon sessions, you will meet Glenn the track manager. Glenn will assess the weather and field of vehicles on that day, and brief everyone on driving and safety protocol.  Reviewing how we pass, enter the track, and reminding everyone that this is a day to test and enjoy our vehicles, not a race. The morning session lasts from 8:00AM until noon. Depending on who is present they will often group cars into 2 categories, a fast group and a slow group with each taking 30 minute sessions. There is a one hour break for lunch then The afternoon session lasts from 1:00PM-5:00PM and is operated much the same way as the morning. TRACKDAYBLOG8

Be sure to bring a full or open face helmet, long pants, sturdy shoes, sun screen, water, cash ( for trackside food ), and credit cards to purchase track tickets. You may also bring race fuel if you like, or it can be purchases on site at HPR.


The TTRS is hungry for race fuel

If you want to stay up to date on whats going on in our shop “like” us on our Facebook page, or follow us on twitter @3ZERO3MS. We look forward to seeing more new drivers join us at HPR track days! Come and join us at one of many track days this summer! Many people don’t know it. But Colorado is home to an amazing race track. Located about 45 minutes Northeast of D.I.A, High Plains Raceway is our home track.


Each month we make a point to participate in an open lapping day. This is not a race. Rather it is an opportunity to drive your car on a racetrack with other like minded enthusiasts. There is no charge to be a spectator or vehicle passenger. Drivers must purchase a half day or full day ticket. If you have questions about track days, or wish to attend as a driver or spectator please contact Max@3zero3motorsports.com

  • Friday June 15
  • Friday July 20
  • Friday August 10
  • Friday September 7
  • Friday October 12
  • Saturday October 27

Track day information and information on other 3ZERO3 events can be found HERE More information can be found at   http://www.highplainsraceway.com/ http://www.3zero3motorsports.com/blog http://www.3zero3motorsports.com http://www.3zero3motorsports.com/Contact-Us

Written by Max Gerson

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    Apr 30, 2013
    kevin reilly

    what if we don’t own a helmet?

    Apr 30, 2013

    They have some loaners there at the track you can borrow.

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