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Event Schedule 2012

Apr 6, 2012

Our motto for 2012: Fun, Busy and Organized! Track Days! Car Shows! Parties with Ferrari of Denver! Single Day Tours! Multi Day Tours! The Colorado Car Scene is robust to say the least. Our summer schedule is as full as it has ever been. We take extra care to ensure that we attend, host and support events for every type of automotive enthusiast.  Without further adieu  here is the 2012 3ZERO3 Motorsports event schedule : We have organized our event schedule based on event type :

  • Highlighted Events : these are events WE are hosting, and are not to be missed!
  • Car Shows : local shows that pack in enough content for car lovers of all varieties.
  • Track Days : an opportunity for all to get their car out and use it the way it was meant to be used! Novices and spectators welcome.
  • Tours : from single day, to multi-day, get out and drive on scenic roads with other like minded enthusiasts. Photography is always present!
  • Meets : an easy way to see and be seen without having to invest too much time away from the rest of your life.
  • Other Events : Kickball anyone ?

See Willis Clarks amazing D3 at some of our events! Photo Credit : Scott Newell Violet Mae Studios. 2012  EVENT HIGHLIGHTS: These are our brand events for the year. 3ZERO3 Motorsports is a shop whose founding principles are built upon our passion and love of the Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche brands. We exist to support the cars we love, and the owners who drive them. We aim not only to provide the best in automotive service, maintenance, repair and high performance tuning, but we also strive to give our revered customers opportunities to get out and enjoy their cars.

Got a fast car ? Join us at High Plains Raceway  for a safe and legal place to drive like a hero!

3ZERO3 MOTORSPORTS HOSTED EVENTS : These are not to be missed !

  • Open House w/Ferrari of Denver  and Feline Swimwear at 3ZERO3 Saturday June 30th:

MARK YOUR CALENDAR! Our open house party is quickly becoming a tradition here at our new facility. This summer we are partnering with Ferrari of Denver and Feline Swimwear to throw a most unique and entertaining day at our shop. Stay tuned for more details on this event! This is a free event that we host, as way to interact with you guys in a more casual setting. Food and beverage provided. Info : Max@3zero3Motorsports,com

  • Snowmass Automobili Exotica Friday July 27-29

The Snowmass Automobili Exotica is a 3 day tour from Denver to Snowmass and back beginning Friday July 27th. This is our 3rd year hosting this event, and 2012  promises to be spectacular. Track days, professional photography, dinners, mountain passes, what could be better ?! Tickets sales will begin in the next month or so and we anticipate that the event will sell out quickly! This is a organized and staffed 3 day event, and you must purchase a ticket to attend. Info :


CAR SHOWS: Whether you have a car to be shown, or just want to see what the local scene, here is a list of the shows that we will be attending, and supporting. There is usually a small fee to enter your car in a car show. Click on the website links for more information.

  • VW On the Green; Sunday May 20, Golden CO. Click HERE for event website.
  • Audi Club //Concours at ACC;  Sunday June 10, Denver CO. Click HERE for event website.
  • Dubs Along the Rockies Saturday August 25, Denver CO. Click HERE for event website.
  • Morgan Adams Concours Saturday August 25, Denver CO. Click HERE for event website.
  • Oktdubberfest : Saturday September 15 & Sunday September 16, Breckenridge CO. . Click HERE for event website. B

No stranger to magazine features, Matt's supercharged RS4 will attend many events this summer.  Photo credit : Ronnie Renaldi

TRACK DAYS Many people don't know it. But Colorado is home to an amazing race track. Located about 45 minutes Northeast of D.I.A, High Plains Raceway is our home track. Each month we make a point to participate in an open lapping day. This is not a race. Rather it is an opportunity to drive your car on a racetrack with other like minded enthusiasts. There is no charge to be a spectator or vehicle passenger. Drivers must purchase a half day or full day ticket. If you have questions about track days, or wish to attend as a driver or spectator please contact

  • Friday April 27
  • Friday May 11
  • Friday June 15
  • Friday July 20
  • Friday August 10
  • Friday September 7
  • Friday October 12
  • Saturday October 27

Hard charging RS4 owner Geoff Thomas takes a break from lapping to support his company Guiceworks.

TOURS Like driving, but  track days don't interest you? Then join us for a driving tour. Most tours are one day affairs with the exception of the Snowmass Automobili Exotica. Some tours are free, others are not. Please contact event organizers for details. There are more tours happening this summer, the list below are simply the ones we are able to attend.

  • Porsche Breakfast Club Saturday May 26th : Drive to CO Springs:
  • Metrodubs Tour Saturday June 23 :
  • Porsche Tour Steamboat Sunday June 24 :
  • Snowmass Automobili Exotica Friday July 25-27:
  • Porsche : Triple Bypass Sunday August 19:

Fun for the whole family! Head Chef and owner of  at 5280 Culinary Jason Morse always makes it a family affair!

MEETS This is another great opportunity to get out and meet other owners, check out cool cars in a casual environment without having to dedicate a whole lot of time or effort. For details and location please email the event organizers. Typically the Cars n Coffee group meets the first Saturday of every month, and the Porsche Breakfast club meets on the second Saturday of every month. Below are ONLY the dates that we plan on attending. Porsche Breakfast Club. Info :

  • Saturday April14
  • Saturday July 14th
  • Saturday July 13th

Cars n Coffee.  Info:

  • Saturday May 5th
  • Saturday September 1
  • Saturday October 6

OTHER  EVENTS : From playing kickball with the VW Metrodub crew, to attending the 3ZERO3 open house, and attending the historic Pikes Peak Hill Climb. catch up with us at these events as well!

  • Metrodubs Kickball Classic  Saturday May 12:
  • Open House w/Ferrari of Denver  and Feline Swimwear at 3ZERO3 Saturday June 30th:
  • Pikes Peak Hill Climb Thursday July 5 Event Link HERE

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Jun 8, 2012
Ever Been to HPR? | 3ZERO3 Motorsports Blog

[...] day information and information on other 3ZERO3 events can be found HERE More information can be found at ¬†  [...]

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