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Prospeed RS683 Brake Fluid: Drama, Performance, Technology.

Mar 2, 2011

A man walks in thru the doors at 3ZERO3 Motorsports, carrying  with him quart sized bottles of what he claimed was liquid gold. "Liquid gold you say ? Well I'll be......". Scott and Max then listened dubiously for a spell while the heavy handed sales pitch continued on. As soon as they were given pause, Scott & Max  began a line of questioning that ought to be described as extensive, awkward, or otherwise excessive. Motivated and clearly bothered by our bombastic interrogation, the sales pitch was nevertheless sustained. Scott and Max knew that their skeptical approach was at best aggressive, but what happened later that day, no one expected ! Intrigued?  Entertained? Keep reading...... What follows in this blog is the tale of how liquid gold has made it into our race cars, our personal cars, and our mothers cars.  If you don't care about brake fluid you should stop reading this blog immediately ( but hey, thanks for stopping by). However, for the rest of you this might just be worth your time.


Ok so the intro to this blog might have been overly dramatized. But trust us, this  reads better than what actually happened.... Long story short, we love Prospeed RS683, and if you can understand the beauty that lives within these little black bottles, you too will love Prospeed RS683, promise. First things first check out this video testimonial from our most dedicated track rat last season, then we will proceed to fill your brain with science, one eloquently explained concept at a time.

[vimeo id="15532115"]



  • Boling Point (760mmHg):         Dry   683.2 °F  &  Wet  439° F
  • Vapor Density (air = 1)                10
  • Vapor Pressure                              0.01 mmHg @ 68° F
  • Density (Specific Gravity)          1.095
  • pH                                                        7.2
  • Kinematic Viscosity                       2mm2/s @ 212° F
  • Freezing Point                                 < -74° F


With a dry boiling point of 683 °F Prospeed RS683 has:

  • The highest dry boiling point of any performance or racing brake fluid available.
  • BOOM.


In addition to its ridiculously high boiling point, Prospeed RS683 has the arguably ( we argue) the best pedal feel of any high performance brake fluid.  The name of the game here is compressibility. Or for Prospeed RS683, the lack there of. And this fact is the by-product of some hardcore fluid engineering.



Most  manufacturers use the same tricks to achieve the same results. That means that in addition to lofty boiling points, high performance fluid manufacturers need their brake fluid to resist absorbing water.

To achieve both goals some fluid engineers enlist the help of good old Dimethyl Polysiloxane. Seems like a good idea right ? You need to ensure that your brake fluid is free of water, why wouldn't you use Dimethyl Polysiloxane, right ? WRONG !


Dimethyl Polysiloxane, YOU'RE GOING DOWN !

While we try not to use the blog as an opportunity to throw polymeric organosilicon compounds under the bus, however in this case  Dimethyl Polysiloxane,  really had it coming.  Step into the arena of air solubility, and prepare to get worked!


Dimethyl Polysiloxane exhibits air soluibility.

Air solubility does awful things to pedal feel.

More specifically:

  • Air Solubility – It has been reported that Dimethyl Polysiloxane fluid, which is a major part of silicone based low water tolerant type brake fluids can typically contain dissolved air at a level of 16%±3% by volume at standard temperature and pressure. This compares with a typical level of 5%±2% by volume of dissolved air for glycol ether based type fluids. An increase in brake pedal travel may be experienced under severe operating conditions, especially at higher altitudes and high temperature conditions." -SAE J1705, Appendix A, A.2.2.8

Translation : silicon based  high temp, water resistant so called high performance brake fluid, suffer what can be described as a compressible pedal. Prospeed RS683 brake fluid uses Polyalkylene Glycol Ether which is 3 times less compressible than silicone  type fluids, even when heated.

RESULT : Prospeed RS683 will contribute to a more positive pedal feel.

Rock on Polyalkylene Glycol, Rock on.



And then we started putting RS683 in our cars. All our cars.

  • Our 2010 World Challenge GTI.
  • Supercharged and naturally aspirated Audi RS4's both wearing Stasis Motorsport suspension and R compound rubber.
  • Porsche 911's, and Caymans prepped for World Challenge, Porsche Club racing, and street use.
  • A grab bag of cars that will never see anything more decorated than daily driving action.


We felt that the performance benefit was immediate and significant, with the dedicated track cars showing the biggest benefits.

The change to RS683 meant that our brake fluid was for all intents and purposes, had become a reinforced link in our chain of braking.

The brake fluid in our cars could now better handle abuse, and extreme temperature. As braking performance increases, so does heat.  And as a result we no longer had a mushy pedal holding impeding confidence and performance.

Ultimately we found that in most  cases the improvement in fluid surpassed the performance of  major hardware. Meaning that the fluid could handle the heat but pads and rotors were getting too hot. And further development and upgrades to brake hardware and brake cooling yielded notable improvements in lap time, feel, and all around  badassness.



Last summer we watched as Geoff Thomas went from 2:15 + lap times, to nearly making  the 2:00 club at High Plains Raceway. Most cars that lap that fast weigh half as much as Geoff's  RS4.



On November 30 2010, Andretti Autosport announced that  Prospeed would be their technical supplier. This based primarily upon the performance of the RS683 Fluid. Andretti Autosport is owned and operated by Michael Andretti. Andretti competed for 19 years in the CART championship before moving to the IndyCar Series in 2003 and proceeding to win  3 championships in his first 5 seasons.

  • Won IndyCar Series championships in 2004 Tony Kanaan
  • Won IndyCar Series championships in 2005 Dan Wheldon
  • Won IndyCar Series championships in 2007 Dario Franchitti

Danica along with Andretti team mates Marco Andretti, and Ryan Hunter Reay are all in the hunt for the Indycar points race. The team is currently occupying 10th, 8th, and 7th places respectively.




To purchase Prospeed RS683 for your car, visit the 3ZERO3 Online store : HERE

But don't think for a second that this fluid is JUST for high performance cars. With its resistance to water absorption, this makes for a extremely durable product for cars that are merely daily driven.

For any questions, comments or concerns regarding your Volkswagen Audi, or Porsche please feel free to contact us day or night :


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