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Snowmass Automobili Exotica 2012

Jul 11, 2012

Colorado summer is in full swing. While it is only mid July we have already survived  stifling heat waves, disastrous wildfires followed by a week of rain and flooding. It is time to set our sights on a new horizon. Time to focus on a new goal, and look forward to a new date. That date is August 10th. On Friday August 10 we will commence the third running of the Snowmass Automobili Exotica. A three day road rally hand crafted by a group of Colorado car enthusiasts with a high IQ for event planning. As car enthusiasts, we don't leave our vehicles in stock form for any amount of time. The same can be said for our events. While 2010, and 2011 were both incredible success stories, improvement in production for this year  guarantees that the 2012 rally will be simply DAZZLING!


Online Ticket Sale Website : CLICK HERE Email : Phone : 303-456-8383

Event Outline :

FRIDAY MORNING : we will all convene at our new facility 5000 Robb St #1A, Wheatridge CO 80033 CLICK HERE FOR A MAP. Meeting Time is will be updated closer to the event date.  Former event participant and dedicated enthusiast Chef Jason Morse of 5280 Culinary will be on site preparing for us a scrumptious breakfast as we get organized before departure. ROUTE : the highlight of our drive west thru our Rocky Mountains will take us again over to Independence Pass. However those of you returning for your second or even your third year will appreciate that we have modified our route slightly, and we think for the better. Along the way we will stop for lunch again provided by Chef Jason Morse and 5280 Culinary. We promise that on our event no one will ever be underfed, nor poorly fed . FRIDAY AFTERNOON & EVENING : our new route gets us into Snowmass mid afternoon. Our destination, the Viceroy Hotel. We will all park on premises, unpack and relax before our organized cocktail hour and dinner at Eight K Restaurant, the culinary  jewel of the Viceroy Property.

SATURDAY : the highlight of our weekend activity is unquestionably our private track day at Aspen Motorsports Park. However, if you prefer to enjoy your Saturday at a different speed, there are plenty of options as well. Saturday night we will all come together as a group and share our stories of the days activities. We will again have an organized and fun cocktail hour. DJ Nick Browning will be providing music in the Nest poolside at the Viceroy thru the night for those that want to dance, and Eight K will again be hosting our dinner for those in need of more sustenance. ASPEN MOTORSPORTS TRACK : Nestled in the Aspen Valley this is easily the most scenic track in Colorado if not the entire country. The Maroon Bells wilderness will be your backdrop as we have full access to this exciting road course. Technicians, driving instructors, track staff and ambulance are all on site to make sure that everyone enjoys their day safely.  Buy your tickets for the racetrack HERE. Our event photographer Jeremy will be on hand to capture all of the excitement. Chef Jason Morse will be on site to grille up lunch for when our drivers need to be refueled. The track is open to spectators, spectator tickets are available for purchase HERE. CAR SHOW : we know that some of you prefer aesthetics to all out speed. We will again be hosting a car show on the Snowmass Mall all day. Max will be on site to make sure all of the show cars get just as much publicity as the track cars. POOL AND SPA : We can't overstate how impressed we are with the Viceroy Property. If you wish to enjoy the pool and the Spa, well those are equally fabulous options for your Saturday. HIKING, BIKING, AND THE OUTDOORS : as we are staying at the foot of the Snowmass Ski Resort, outdoor opportunities abound. There will be detailed information in your handbook with options for these activities.

SUNDAY : we promise that after a fun filled day and night, we will not be dragging you out of bed at the crack of dawn. Once again we will be dining at the Eight K restaurant in the Viceroy. A leisurely and fantastic brunch will be available from 7:00Am to 10:00AM. After brunch concludes we will still  have an hour to gas up our vehicles, and get on the road home. Those of you needing to get home sooner are free to do so, others are welcome to rally home with the rest of the group.


Increased Production Value  : never content with the status quo, we are always looking for ways to further ensure that all of the returning event participants have something new and exciting to look forward to.

EVENT LOGISTICS  : with our the help of a very important sponsor Trade Show Emporium, returning participant and retired RMR Vintage racer Willis Wood has engineered a logistics system that will better organize all areas of rally organization especially the parking upon arrival. We have some tricks up our sleeve to make this not only efficient, but fantastic!

HOTEL PROPERTY : we strongly feel that this event needs to reflect a real value for our participants. With the help of our lodging partner The Viceroy Snowmass, and generous contributions from our sponsors, we have secured very accessible room rates at a very exclusive property. Taking full advantage of this we will be hosting all of our weekend events on property.

PHOTOGRAPHY : With two days of road rallies, a track day, a car show, and a very handsome property, there is no shortage of gorgeous photo ops for people and vehicles alike. This year we have enlisted the talents of 609 Photography creator Jeremy Leininger. Jeremy will be handling all aspects of shooting, post production, and most critically, distribution of this years event images.

FOOD & BEVERAGE : with the contributions of  Jason Morse and 5280 Culinary  along with the Eight K  Restaurant within the Viceroy, there is no risk of bad food on this weekend adventure. We do have a few other tricks up our sleeve, but we are keeping those cards close to our vest for now.

EVENT SPONSORS :  petitioning event sponsorship in today's economy is no easy task. It must be said that without the generous contributions from all of our sponsors, the level of execution and production for this event simply would not be possible. Indeed our sponsors believe in this concept, and this is why they support our event.














If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to post comments here, email, phone or get a hold us on Facebook and Twitter, but whatever you do DON'T DELAY! We anticipate that this years event will sell out quickly.



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Aug 10, 2012
Rod Dyer

What is the price of spectator tickets and can they be purchased at the track on Saturday?

Oct 22, 2012
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Aug 21, 2015

Snowmass Automobili Exotica 2012

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