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Snowmass Automobili Exotica : Day 3

Dec 23, 2010

Its ok to feel depressed and sad sometimes, lord knows there are plenty of reasons.  The Bronco's stink,  your home isn't worth what it should be, and yesterday (December 21st)  marked the shortest day of the year. But these things  too shall  pass. In the words of some obscure French poet that no one has ever heard of : "Sadness flies away on the wings of time" -Jean de La Fontaine. Well here's to erasing the sadness, and restoring your holiday cheer, with our 3rd and final installment of coverage from Day 3 of the First Annual Snowmass Automobili Exotica. Enjoy !



Bright eyed and bushy tailed would not be the way I would have described the Automobili Exotica crew when day broke on Sunday July 25th. Rich food, loud music, and impressive libations had taken their toll on the gang.

But outside the hotel room door, the maids were knocking, inside the room  alarms was going off, and the sun was up..... time to go home boys & girls.

 The days events from Friday and Saturday had left us all feeling euphoric. The High Country, Lamborghini's, Porsches, Boosted  Audi's, track time, parties, where were we exactly :

  • Snowmass?
  • Had we died and gone to Automotive Heaven ?
  • Or were we dreaming ?

 Regardless of wherever we thought we were, we knew our time had come. Time to go home, back to work, back to reality, back to driving on the I-25 corridor, not Independence Pass, back to being surrounded by Camry's not Murcielago's.  So we packed our bags. Wished the hotel staff adieu, loaded our bags, donned our shades, and headed out.

SNIPE : Simpson women checking out.

Think gas in Denver is expensive ?


As soon as we rounded the first corner onto Independence Pass, all loathing had subsided. The adventure was real again, and we had our work cut out for us.

We were road warriors once more.

 Stacy Berger, we don't know how you do it. Watching Aaron slide ( expertly we might add) his S4 around the unguarded hairpin turns of Independence Pass makes us terrified from a distance, let alone imagining what the in car experience must be like. You Stacy Berger, are a champion ! 


The Italians, the RS4 and R8 crowd had made a very early departure on Sunday morning. Leaving a more compact, and brand unified run group back to Denver.

Charlie Collings always knows how to get in-front of the camera. And we love him for it.

Open roads and sunny skies, neither lasted for  long.

Scotty taking a photo of the RV driver who may, or may not be asleep at the wheel.

LUNCH! The Eddyline Pub in Buena Vista was so good on the way up, we HAD to go back.

Hangin' tough !

And then the weather came......

Making a feverish pit stop before Mother Nature unloaded on us !


The rain didn't last too long, the sun returned, and we were back to happy. 

Fish eye  view.


Boys & toys.

Once Charlie slowed down, we were able to get some decent rolling shots.

Our cameras didn't have the shutter speed to capture a 4,000LBS sedan traveling at 240MPH. 

Aaron followed Charlie's lead, and allowed for some great shots to be taken of his S4 as we rolled thru the Foothills.


Not sure what model Audi this is, or who was driving it.

But one thing is certain it was sloooooooow ! smile

The last big turn home.

Home sweet home.

Nothing says welcome home like a GT3 Cup Car in need of a motor.

In case  you missed the first annual Snowmass Automobili Exotica ? Fret not, planning for 2011 is underway !

Enjoy the holidays ! And congratulations for reaching the end of yet another amazing blog !








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Dec 23, 2010

Yay for 2011!!!!

Dec 23, 2010

Nice pics of aarons s4 to bad no video of them slides shame to have missed?

Mar 2, 2011

My son Aaron in his favorite place—-the drivers seat!!

Sep 15, 2011
The 2nd Annual : Snowmass Automobili Exotica | 3ZE

[...] DAY THREE [...]

Jun 10, 2012
Barry Sorrells

What are the dates for the 2012 Automobili Exotica at Snowmass please?

Jul 10, 2012

Barry have you received my emails ?

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