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HPA Stage 4-DSG Reprogramming-Audi/VW DSG

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Stage 4: Customized Power Map $2,495

For DSG equipped cars with modified Forced Induction applications, or those boasting 450hp+, this Stage 4 offering is a necessity! It offers all of the benefits of Stage 3, but fully customized to suit your vehicle needs.

Expanded Oil temperature range to support long sustained wide open throttle runs without engaging limp mode.

Custom Synchronized “S” mode matched to your supplied engine power profile to maximize power band at each shift point.

Revamped Clutch engagement curve to allow better grip with either the OEM clutches or our aftermarket upgraded versions.

Unrestricted Torque Limiter lets you radically increase or completely eliminate the DSG torque limiter; empowering you and your engine tuner with the latitude (with associated risk and responsibility) to explore the upper limits of your hardware’s performance.

Remapped “D” mode features a staged up-shift sequence until 6th gear is reached; offering a more natural and intuitive feel for driving around town. This pattern better supports brief acceleration blasts without the need for aggressive downshifts which can be very abusive on the gearbox and which erode the initial impact of the power band when looking to overtake.


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