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HPA CVP Short Runner Intake Manifold (Short Neck Configuration)

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CVP Short Runner Intake Manifold...Unleash your beast! CVP opens up new horizons for tuning the 3.2VR6. An industry first modular design, CVP can be configured for any FI or NA application. With only a few bolts, the modular design of the CVP intake manifold allows for easy expansion or re-configuration as your project car evolves.
Available in three configurations to best suit the unique packaging constraints of your project car, the CVP is in ALL arrangements a Short Runner **intake manifold. FI applications can use the long neck, to maintain the factory throttle body position or use the left or right short neck to position the throttle body closer to the intercooler for shorter boost travel and improved responsiveness.
**Short Runner by definition is that runner length always refers to the distance from the Plenum to the face of the cylinder head. In comparison, The OEM 3.2L intake manifold is defined as a Variable Path/Resonance Intake Manifold, with a Long Runner configuration and an innovative piggy back plenum called the Performance Port which replicates the short runner effect at high RPM.

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