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PROSPEED RS683 Brake Fluid

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Prospeed is pleased to announce it's newest product and the best brake fluid ever!

Prospeed RS683:

This truly unique and unparalleled brake fluid has a dry boiling point of 683.2 degrees F, and Prospeed RS683 provides all drivers superior control by using Prospeed's proprietary "CompressionFree" fluid blending technology with the absolute industry leading high Temperature Stability. Never before has there been a brake fluid specifically engineered to reduce compressibility and increase your pedal feel and control. While Prospeed GS610 certainly took the first step in its development and engineering by isolating and targeting the specific factors that contribute to Compressibility, Density and High Temperature Stability, Prospeed RS683 takes this to a new level. Working with our vendor partners we developed a proprietary brake fluid blending technology. This is "CompressionFree" technology.

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