Independent vs. Dealership for Car Repair Services

0 Mar 15, 2017

You are the proud owner of a car that you love.  At some point in owning your car(s), you have to decide where to go for service.  Your faced [...]

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Timing Belts: A Risky Overlook

0 Feb 17, 2017

  Timing belts are one of the more crucial maintenance items for a car.  Not replacing your timing belt in a timely manner can lead to costly [...]

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A Proactive Approach to Car Maintenance

0 Feb 8, 2017

 A Good Offense is the Best Defense It’s no secret that in order to get the most out of any machine, your car in this case, routine inspections [...]

Maintenance & Repair
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Reducing the Wear of Your Clutch

0 Feb 1, 2017

Overall maintence and the way you drive your car can significantly increase the lifespan of your clutch.    Your clutch could last 1,000 [...]

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3zero3 2017 German Auto Event Schedule

0 Jan 17, 2017

3zero3 has an overall passion for the Audi, BMW, Porsche, VW, and Mini brands we care for and love to share this enthusiasm with you. We are looking forward [...]

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Misconception: Cars under Factory Warranty Must Go to the Dealership for Service

0 Jan 10, 2017

If your new or used car is still under factory warranty, where do you take it for service?  There is a common misconception that it must go to the [...]

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Supporting Cayden : Our Hometown Soap Box Derby Champion

0 Jul 6, 2016

"You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and the support,". It was a  warm Saturday in April last spring. Brave [...]

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Women’s Car Care Clinic

0 Jun 2, 2016

WHO: Women who want to learn more about car care basics. All interested women are invited  (no boys allowed!) WHAT: This is a FREE, 3-hour, hands-on [...]

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