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991 Porsche GT3 - A Step Further

Dec 7, 2015

With every new iteration of 911 platform, those hardcore Porsche enthusiast out there shake in their boots just a little bit. The question quickly becomes: “Can it be better than the last model, and what new technology will make these car feel more numb?” The announcement of the new 991 GT3 was no different, especially with the news of no manual gear box option. Blasphemy!

This news didn’t deter one hardcore Porsche and track enthusiast. Ryan, who has been a car and motorsport fan for as long as he can remember, has been tracking and racing 911s for years, through multiple platforms and generations. Maybe Ryan had a premonition, maybe he just knew in his gut this new 991 would be as good as the whispers from Stuttgart were proclaiming.

When Ryan first stopped by 3ZERO3 Motorsports upon a referral from another Porsche and track enthusiasts, as a one stop shop for everything from track set up and performance tuning, to maintenance and repair outside of Denver Colorado. It was hard to imagine advancing his 2015 Dark Blue Metallic GT3 any further….. but the guys at 3ZERO3 had some ideas.

Ryan had a goal, and that goal was to push this street legal track car late into each corner at High Plains Raceway and climb into the 8500 RPM range of the monster of a flat six this car carries over its rear end. Ryan would be driving this car as it was meant to be driven. He would make the engineers at Porsche proud. With this in mind, the collective thought of the performance tuning experts at 3ZERO3 thought safety first. Front and rear tie down assemblies were installed from Rennline and a GMG interior cage was installed with an OMP race harness, to keep Ryan planted in the GT3 sport seats while the g-forces would inevitably throw him from side to side.

With driver and car now properly set up for track abuse, the 3ZERO3 team turned its attention to power, sound and reliability. The race version of the Evolution Titanium Exhaust from Akrapovic was chosen for its ability to shed nearly 50 pounds from behind the rear axle, adding 19 hp and over 35 tq, all while providing the perfect combination of drone free cruising and the angry battle cry of 9,000 rpm PDK shifts. The best of ALL worlds.

With the GT3 sounding properly pissed off during wide open throttle it was time to give it the tools to pack the punch to go with it. 3ZERO3 chose to work with Evolution Motorsports out of Arizona for the performance tuning of this 991 for one reason….EVOMS builds the fastest Porsches in the world. Adjustments to timing, fueling and air would yield gains, to the tune of +/- 17hp and 8tq, with improved throttle response, and enhanced launch control functions. It is hard to believe improvements can be had on Porsches new 991 version of a road going racecar, but these small changes make a massive difference in both everyday and track driving. The smiles only get bigger.

Whether you daily drive a BMW, Mini Cooper of Volkswagen Jetta, or keep your Porsche Turbo and Audi R8 just for track days and Sunday drives, the expert staff at 3ZERO3 Motorsports has ideas, and options to not only keep your car on the road, but to have more fun doing it. 3ZERO3 Motorsports, out of Wheat Ridge, Colorado, specializes in the everyday maintenance and service of Audi, Porsche, VW, BMW and Mini Cooper cars all the way through performance tuning and racecar builds.  3ZERO3 Motorsports works with the industy's best manufacturers to bring you the best in aftermaket parts. Please reach out to us with questions or for a consult regarding your vehicle. We can be reached at 303-456-8383 or info@3zero3motorsports.com.



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