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Is Your A/C Not Performing Like It Used To?

Aug 7, 2017

It’s the middle of summer and your car just isn’t cooling the way you would like it to.  On an hot day there could be nothing more annoying than an air conditioner not functioning properly in your car.  The problem could be one of many: A leak in the system or evaporator causing a low charge, a failing compressor, there is a problem with the electrical system, or due to age.  Inspecting and diagnosing the problem(s) will point you in the right direction.  3zero3 Motorsports can properly diagnose your problem in roughly an hour.

Leak In The System

When Freon begins to leak out of the system, it causes a low charge and results in warm air blowing out of the vents instead of cold air.  The system will have to be recharged with Freon to begin blowing cold air again.  Most A/C sytems require a specific amount of Freon, measured in pounds, to be operational. The proper way to check the system is with a charging machine.  It will first remove all of the Freon from the system before inputting the proper level.  Hoses and other system components may need to be checked as well.

Failing Compressor

Over time, the compressor or heart of your air conditioner can wear out and sometimes fail.  The failure can be caused by contamination or worn out parts in the compressor.  The compressor is responsible for pumping and pressurizing the Freon throughtout the system.   Once failed, it will blow hot or warm air instead of cold and the entire system is affected.  It will need to be replaced and the system will need recharging to blow cold air again.

Electrical Problems

The air conditioning system in your car has a maze of wires, fuses and switches that all work in unison with the compressor.  If one of the electrical components wares out or fails over time, the system is designed to shut down. Without a knowledgable technician, this may be difficult to diagnose.  Once the electrical problem is diagnosed, it will need to be repaired to properly run the compressor and blow cold air.

Although there are many things that can go wrong with your vehicle’s air conditioning system, it is always a good idea to have a technician look at it to properly diagnose the issue.  Whether it be a leak in the system, a failing compressor, or an electrical problem, it is important to have someone with experience and the knowledge of the systems repair it.  3zero3 Motorsports only employs factory trained technicians who specialize in the brands we service: Audi, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, and Mini Cooper.  Our technicians will be able to properly diagnose and repair any A/C issue you may have and get you cool on the hot summer days!

If your air conditioner is not performing to your standard, have 3zero3 Motorsports take a look and diagnose it.  Click here or call 303-456-8383 to schedule an appointment.



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