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Zero to 100 or 100 to Zero…Which is More Enjoyable?

Jun 1, 2017

Effective braking is the most important safety feature of your car.  Furthermore, it is especially important to have the correct type of brake pads and rotors on your car. These braking components should be matched with the performance capabilities of your car. The evolution of technology in the automotive industry has brought on many advancements in the braking systems for cars.  The progression from the original hand pull brake used in the horse and wagon days to disc brakes, anit-lock brake systems, traction control, and directional vented rotors are all used today.

Motorsport derived performance upgrades, increase the need for a higher performing brake system.  One very important and often times overlooked piece to performance upgrades is brakes.  As you upgrade the performance of your car and give it power, it is essential that you equal out the power with more powerful brakes. The faster that your car can accelerate, the faster you will need to stop.   Stock brakes that come from the factory on your car, are not able to handle or keep up with the speed of an enhanced car. 

Big brake kits are an upgrade to stock brakes and provide higher performance when stopping a car. The larger rotors in big brake kits have increased air flow which results in higher heat capacity.  They also offer stiffer calipers and stainless steel lines which provide a consistent pedal feel.  Overall the big brake kits offer shorter stopping distance with a firmer pedal feel. 

If you plan on taking your car to the race track, another option to consider would be a brake flush with a higher temperature brake fluid.  Traditional brake fluids have a low boiling point.  Boiling brake fluid can cause the pedal to be spongy and have brake fade.  Race brake fluid has a higher boiling point and will offer better performance on the track.

3zero3 Motorsports is able to do brake services on any type of car with any type brake systems.  Our team can help you access what brakes fit your needs best.  Call 303-456-8383 or click here to schedule a brake service or to consult with a team member.



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