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Reducing the Wear of Your Clutch

Feb 1, 2017

Overall maintence and the way you drive your car can significantly increase the lifespan of your clutch.    Your clutch could last 1,000 miles or 200,000 miles – it’s really up to you.  Here are a few tips 3zero3 Motorsports can offer to help make your clutch last as long as possible. 

- Engage / disengage the clutch smoothly

- Ensure you are in the correct gear for the speed of the car (do not lug/load the clutch)

- Avoid riding the clutch, do not hover your foot over the clutch pedal

- Avoid over revving the engine before engaging the clutch

- Keep RMP’s low but consistent when taking off

- Avoid using clutch (downshifting)to save brakes

- Don’t use clutch to avoid rolling backwards

- Avoid pulling/towing excess weight (think twice about hooking up the camper to your 3 series)

These few tips can help keep your car’s clutch in good condition. Clutches are designed to wear and at some point, every clutch will need to be replaced. When that time comes 3zero3 Motorsports does offer full clutch repair and replacement services for all or our German auto brothers and sisters in the Denver metro area.  If you feel that your clutch pedal doesn’t feel quite right, it seems harder to shift/engage a gear, grinding is present when shifting, vibrations are felt with the clutch in or out, or your clutch starts slipping (RPM’s climb but there is no speed increase), 3zero3 can do a clutch system inspection. During that clutch system inspection if a failure or fault is found in the system/operation we can repair or replace the affected components so you can enjoy smooth operation of your manual gearbox.  Our trained factory technicians are well versed in all things clutch, whether that is a stock unit replacement or a higher clamping force performance clutch solution, we have the option that best suits your needs.

Dual mass flywheel vs. single mass? Should I use a lightweight steel or aluminum flywheel? What type of friction disc is best for city driving? What is the best option for 4000 rpm launches every time? These are all questions that the team at 3zero3 can help answer and sort through so you get the best product for you needs.

To schedule a clutch inspection, diagnosis, repair or replacement click here or call 303-456-8383 today!



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