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Diagnosis: Our Inside Perspective

Nov 3, 2015

What if your doctor came to you and said that you needed heart surgery? Wouldn't you want a battery of comprehensive tests done first? When an auto repair shop says your car needs a new engine, the same concept applies. While comparing a heart surgery to replacing an engine may seem like an unlikely analogy, the diagnostic process used in both cases is very similar. Tests performed during diagnostics need to eliminate guesswork and help conclude exactly what the core problem is. Making an accurate diagnosis takes a specialized person using high-tech equipment. 

Founded over a decade ago in Denver Colorado, we at 3ZERO3 Motorsports pride ourselves in being the best at what we do for the vehicles that we service - Audi, BMW, Mini, Porsche and VW. Our motto "Factory Trained, Independently Motivated" announces both our passion and our training. Employing only factory trained technicians, using the highest levels of specialized equipment and OEM parts, is what allows us, unlike any other repair facility, to offer a 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty. With our combined experience it is very easy for us to understand both the benefits and challenges present with that complicated diagnosis. For all of these reasons, we thought it wise to share with you our insight on what might be the most challenging conversation you every have with our 3ZERO3 Motorsports Service Advisors.

Diagnosis is without question, the toughest operation our factory trained technicians perform. Moreover, this can be an equally challenging hurdle when discussing with you - our loyal customer.

Diagnostic time is different from repair time because of the unpredictability and patience needed to follow the trail to find the issue. Diagnostics is not something that every shop can do. A good diagnostician is almost an artist, with a combination of patience, understanding of complex systems, attention to detail, and an insatiable curiosity. With the ever evolving buffet of technical wizardry present in late model Audi, BMW, Mini, Porsche and Volkswagens, the need for efficient high level diagnostic work grows stronger each year.

Here's one of the trickiest parts about communicating the cost of diagnostic work: before the work begins, it can be almost impossible to know how long it will take to determine the root cause of the issue. But nevertheless, we have never been stumped. 

Our focus remains steadfast. Our number one priority for you, and every customer, is safety and reliability. For those reasons our 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty remains the strongest in the industry, allowing you to formally entrust that our repair are second to none. And as we have all learned, all repairs begin with rock solid diagnosis.



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