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There is NO such Thing as a Lifetime Fluid

Jul 7, 2017

European cars are our specialty at 3zero3 Motorsports.  Not only are we enthusiasts for the brands we service (Audi, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, and Mini Cooper), we also are firm believers in being proactive when maintaining your car.  A great way to keep ahead of engine and other system ware is to maintain the fluids in your car. Many European cars manufacturers state that their cars have lifetime fluids.  Our technicians feel that this is debatable…

Brake Fluids

Brake fluid is naturally hydroscopic, which naturally absorbs moisture from the atmosphere.  When this happens, it causes the brakes to feel spongy and effects their performance.  Flushing the brake lines, refreshes the line and helps to ensure proper viscosity of the fluid by eliminating any air or moisture in the line.  It also helps to ensure proper function of the braking system and increases the system’s lifespan.

Power Steering Fluids

As you drive your car, tiny particles break loose and enter into your power steering lines, contaminating them.  This lessens the pressure and eventually can cause the seals to leak and the system to ware.  Changing the fluids in the power steering systems will ensure the performance of the system and prevent larger repairs down the road.

Coolant Fluids

Water and coolant circulate through your engine, keeping it from overheating.  Over time, the coolant becomes contaminated and loses its viscosity and cooling properties.  The contaminates in the coolant can clog the engine and damage the cooling system components.  Flushing the system and replacing the coolant with fresh fluids is an important part of preventative maintenance and helps keep your car from overheating or freezing on the road. 

Differential Fluids

Changing differential oil in your car is often times overlooked.  As you drive your car, the gears in your differentials ware down and cause small metal shavings to enter the fluids.  Changing the oil with fresh oil is eliminates the shavings which concurrently eliminates the ware of the differentials and increases its longevity.

Engine Oil

Engine oil is the most known and most frequent fluid change in your car.   Your engine needs oil to keep it’s moving parts lubricated.  Over time, engine oil breaks down and becomes contaminated with debris from the environment.  Once contaminated, the oil can no longer perform as efficiently.  Changing your oil in the proper intervals, will help you get the most life out of your engine and promote longevity.

Transmission Fluid

Like other fluids in your vehicle, transmission fluid deteriorates over time and becomes contaminated.  A fluid flush ensures proper fluid levels and that contaminants are cleared from the system.  Changing the soiled filter, will free the allow for the contaminants in the fluid to be filtered out.  Having a clean transmission will extend the life of your transmission.

Flushing your fluids is an essential component to the preventative maintence puzzle for your car.  It helps restore and elongate the health of your car.  Contact 3zero3 motorsports here or call 303-456-8383 to speak with one of our team members about your fluids.



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