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A Proactive Approach to Car Maintenance

Feb 8, 2017

 A Good Offense is the Best Defense

It’s no secret that in order to get the most out of any machine, your car in this case, routine inspections and service allow small concerns to be addressed before they become costly repairs. Regular vehicle maintenance is the key to keeping things running smoothly, not just for the car but for you as well. A proactive approach to vehicle maintence is the best way of preventing unexpected break downs, the head ache it creates, and the large repair bills associated.  Some would say a good offense is the best defense. This logic applies to any vehicle, but when it comes to the German machines we service, we are strong proponents of proactive maintenance. German cars like Audi, BMW, Mini, Porsche, and VW embrace both performance and luxury characteristics.  With this combination, regular preventive care ensures optimal comfort and efficient operation. With the dual personality of these cars comes more systems and things to keep an eye on.  At 3zero3 Motorsports, we help you keep track of and help ensure you don’t overlook those services that aren’t always listed in the vehicle maintence guide, but are strongly recommended for long-term ownership.

What Schedule Should You Follow?

Taking a proactive approach to optimizing your car’s performance and longevity makes it important to follow a service schedule. Adapting to the proper service schedule for your car is dependent on the type of driver you are and where you live.  For example, a car that goes on the track has more frequent oil services and maintenance than a car that only drives on the streets.  If you live in Colorado, you are likely to follow a severe maintenance service schedule.  If you live in a mild climate, you are more likely to follow a normal schedule. The amount you drive and the type of driving you do play a huge role in this determination.  If your manufacturer recommends a time based or mileage based service, it is best practice to follow the service schedule that best meets the needs of your driving habits. Here at 3zero3 Motorsports, we are happy to help you determine the right maintenance schedule for you and your car.

Maintenance the 3zero3 Way

When it comes to maintaining your Audi, BMW, Porsche, VW, or Mini, 3zero3 Motorsports is dedicated to providing a clear path to helping you get the most of what you want and need from your car. We have been providing professional, honest, friendly, and knowledgeable service since 2005. Our work product is backed by a 3year 36,000mile nationwide warranty for both parts and labor. We use OEM and factory original parts when performing services.  In some instances, it makes sense to use aftermarket parts.  These instances include when higher quality parts are offered for less or equal dollars, or the same quality part is offered with a more comprehensive warranty. At 3zero3 we know that using the correct parts, fluids, and adhering to maintenance intervals is essential to your vehicle’s health and performance. There should be no surprises when it comes to maintaining your German auto.

View a list of maintenance services that 3zero3 Motorsports offers here.

To get an analysis on your car’s maintenance needs or to schedule a maintenance service, click here or call 303-456-8383.



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