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The Birth of the R

Jul 25, 2017

3zero3 motorsports takes pride in the close interaction and relationships we have with our clients.  In fact, when our clients bring their cars to us, they have the ability to watch everything that is going on in the shop through our large windows.  We want complete transparency in our client relationships.  This mentality was exactly what spawned the idea for the Golf R.  We decided to develop an amazing car for clients to personally experience.           

Many people come to us with hopes of getting their car tuned or getting some special modifications to it, but have not really experienced what it feels like to drive a modified car.  We decided to deliver that experience to our customers with a car they can drive, see, and hear.  This will allow our clients or potential clients to feel how the car drives with a tune, feel the brakes and suspension, and hear the exhaust for themselves by getting behind the wheel. This offers a new level of personal customer service, allowing them to personally feel where they may want to take their cars.


With this idea in mind, we set off to attend SEMA in 2016, where we met with REVO, our tuning partner, and shared our idea of creating such a car.  REVO generously agreed to partner with us and work together to make this hands-on car a reality.  After much research and thought, we decided on a Golf R because of the weight to power ratios it offers.


With plans of taking the car to a REVO stage 3, we had to do some data logging and have some fun with the car in it’s stock state.  Let’s just say we were pretty darn impressed with it’s stock numbers!  Running the it for the first time on the dyno, it made 283.7 (hp) on corrected values and 297.2 (ft-lb). Impressive numbers!  We took it to the track running 13.524 seconds at 101.54 mph on a quarter-mile. These numbers blew everyone’s mind at 3zero3 Motorsports being bone stock and at an elevation of 6000ft.


We are going to log and record the performance gains of this car every step of the way during this project and can’t wait to see what the results!


Stay tuned and #FollowTheR a.k.a. "Roxi"



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