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Alignment Done the 3zero3 Way

Apr 14, 2017

Everyday driving can take a toll on your vehicle’s suspension system.  Certain suspension parts begin to wear over time, ultimately disrupting the alignment.  Additionally, normal driving conditions can knock your car out of normal alignment causing your wheels and tires to sit at improper angles.  As part of standard vehicle maintenance and to reduce tire wear, it is important to ensure your vehicle aligned properly.  An alignment will ensure that your car drives straight and handles properly, making your ride safer. 

What is Alignment

Alignment refers to the vehicle’s suspension which connects the vehicle to the wheels.  When you receive an alignment, the angles of the wheels are adjusted, making them perpendicular to the road and parallel to one another.  Front and rear suspension gets adjusted effecting the angles in which the tires make contact with the road.  There are 3 main adjustments made during an alignment; camber, toe, and caster.

Camber refers to the angle of the wheels when viewed from the front or rear of the car.  An inward or outward tilt, known as negative or positive camber will alter the handling of the car. 

Toe refers to the angle of the wheels when viewed from the top of the car.  It is the amount in which your tires turn inward or outward.  If your tires are turned in toe in or turned out toe out, you will need an adjustment.

Caster refers to the angle of your steering axis and can be viewed from the side of your car.  A tilt toward the driver will produce a positive caster. On the other hand, a tilt toward the front of the car will produce a negative caster.  A positive or negative caster will affect steering, stability, and cornering.


How to Tell If Your Car Needs an Alignment

Daily driving and normal circumstances such as potholes, railroad crossings, or accidents can knock any car out of alignment. There are several quite obvious indicating factors or symptoms of an incorrect alignment. 

- Uneven Tire Wear

- Car Wanders or Pulls to the Left or Right

- Unstable Feeling

- Vibration in the Steering Wheel

- Uncentered Steering Wheel While Driving

Alignment Done the 3zero3 Way

Here at 3zero3, we perform vehicle alignments on a Hunter Hawkeye Alignment System.  The Hunter Hawkeye combines the use of high definition cameras, a comprehensive vehicle information database, and powerful software to provide a thorough and advanced alignment.  In addition, we go the extra mile to provide the closest level of accuracy by replicating the driving environment.  We ask the primary driver of the vehicle their weight and place equal weight in sandbags on the driver’s seat.  This is an extra step that we take in providing our customers with the highest level of service possible.

Many of the cars that we service at 3zero3 Motorsports are exotics or have been altered aftermarket with lowered profiles or ground effects.  We purpose built a pit underneath the Hawkeye Alignment rack to provide a zero clearance for these cars. This allows the cars with low profiles, front clips, diffusers, etc. to get on the rack without damage. 

A good alignment will significantly reduce your tire wear, improve your fuel economy, improve your vehicle’s handling, and give your car more stability and predictability at high speeds. If you feel your car is out of alignment, 3zero3 can certainly help.  Call us at 303-456-8383 or contact us here to schedule your car alignment or to have it inspected for alignment today!




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