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Audi Maintenance Services in Denver, CO

When it comes to maintaining your vehicle, nothing is more essential than using the correct parts, fluids and tools. At 3ZERO3, we use only the best Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) resources available. When it comes to oil changes, tune ups, alignments and everything in between, our Audi maintenance professionals handle the job with professional experience, know-how and care. You can be confident in our top-quality service, delivery and results.

Audi Scheduled Factory Maintenance

It is key to stay up-to-date with your Audi’s factory maintenance schedule. The best way to avoid unexpected repair bills is to keep up with regularly scheduled services. It is imperative to stay ahead of the curve on maintenance and repairs. We frequently study the Audi maintenance schedules to make sure that our clients here in Denver, Wheat Ridge, and the rest of Colorado are getting the best in service, maintenance and repair for their Audi. Along with scheduled services, our factory-trained technicians are qualified to handle any repair or replacement of Audi components.

Audi Oil & Filter Service

Our techs use only OEM oil filters for your car while we perform the oil change, and our selected high-quality synthetic engine oils (and in some cases conventional) are second to none! A multiple-point safety inspection is included with every oil service, your car’s fluids are topped off and the tire pressure is checked each time we see your Audi.


Audi Four Wheel Alignment

Yearly alignments should be part of your annual maintenance program. This is especially true for all-wheel drive vehicles in Denver, which is why we have installed a state-of-the-industry laser alignment rack. Our technicians take extra efforts to compensate for driver weight in the vehicle as they perfect the art of vehicle alignments. Watch with confidence as we align your Audi right in front of your eyes.

Audi Belt Services

Staying on top of your factory scheduled services includes keeping your timing belt in mint condition. Belt replacements are crucial to the life of your Audi’s engine. Our factory-trained technicians have every resource at their disposal to keep your vehicle in outstanding mechanical condition.

Audi Fluid Flushes

All vehicles that come through our doors for inspection are topped off with factory grade fluids. We feel that changing fluids is one of the most important preventative maintenance routines. Should your Audi require a fluid flush, rest assured our technicians have the expansive knowledge to get your vehicle’s system flushed at top quality. Thoroughly flushing your fluids at the proper intervals can help your Audi stay on the road and drive at its full potential!

Audi Brake Service

Performing an Audi brake fluid flush per factory schedule is critical to monitoring brake pressure and efficiency. Your Audi’s brake fluid collects moisture over time, which lowers the boiling temperature. This is crucial because that temperature provides the necessary brake pressure to stop your vehicle. Never have any doubts on the safety of your brakes with our brake inspections and services.

Audi Transmission Service

Your Audi relies on its transmission to keep it running in top condition. When your engine or transmission begins to fail, it should be addressed immediately and with specialized technicians. Complete engine and transmission diagnosis and service are a key part of keeping your Audi on the road.

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