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MINI Repair Services in Denver, CO

Your Mini Cooper deserves only the best resources and tools when it comes to repairs, which is why we settle for nothing less than top of the line OEM parts. No matter what the repair needed, be it engine and transmission service, clutch replacement, suspension repair, electrical diagnosis or ABS module repair, our factory-trained techs are experienced and prepared to handle whatever task comes our way regarding your Mini. Our professional service advisors take care of your repair needs and stay in touch with you throughout the process, giving you total confidence in the work being performed.

MINI Engine & Transmission Service

Mini Coopers require a complete engine and transmission diagnosis and servicing to ensure they continue driving in top condition. Your vehicle relies on its transmission to run and it’s critical to have it looked at as soon as it begins to fail in order to avoid further complications. Our specialized, factory-trained technicians are professional experts with the complete know-how to fix any Mini engine and transmission issue.

MINI Clutch Replacement

No matter what your Mini’s mileage, clutch problems can occur with little notice and stem from a variety of causes. When your clutch begins to slip, bring it in for a clutch replacement diagnosis and receive thorough advice from our factory-trained techs about the steps to take to ensure your vehicle stays in top driving condition. The longer the clutch replacement repair is put off, the higher the risk of additional damage to the flywheel and additional components from a faulty clutch will occur.

MINI Suspension Repair

Every MINI that comes through our doors receives a yearly steering and suspension inspection. Making sure that the steering and suspension systems are in excellent working order catches and addresses any drivability concerns or issues that may exist, as well as problems related to suspension components, unsettling noises and more. A thorough check of these systems also ensures your Mini Cooper meets certain safety provisions and is delivering the best ride possible.

MINI Electrical Diagnosis

Whether a light is out, the radio isn’t working, or a portable device won’t connect, our factory-trained techs are here to diagnose and solve any electrical issue your Mini may be experiencing. A properly maintained electrical system is essential to your driving experience and a regular inspection of your Mini’s battery, alternator and starter is important to maintain its drivability. Our professional service advisors work with you to identify all concerns and electrical implications you may be experiencing.

MINI ABS Module Repair

Braking behavior problems with your Mini occur when the ABS (anti-lock brake system) control module fails, which operates the ABS system based on data received from various sensors. A complete inspection and diagnosis of any ABS module issues by our experienced technicians will give you confidence in your vehicle’s safety.

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​Send us a time you’d like to bring us your vehicle and someone will respond within 24hrs.

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