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Porsche Repair Services in Denver, CO

Our factory-trained techs and top of the line OEM resources are ready to service any repair need your Porsche is facing, whether it’s engine and transmission service, clutch replacement, suspension repair, electrical diagnosis or ABS module repair. We believe in using only the best OEM parts and tools for your vehicle and provide expert, professional service to give you complete confidence in our work.

Porsche Engine & Transmission Service

Proper engine and transmission diagnosis and service is a key component of keeping your Porsche on the road in top working condition now and for years to come. If your engine or transmission begins to fail, immediate attention by specialized technicians is needed to address and fix the problem. Our professional, factory-trained technicians are here to take care of any necessary engine or transmission-related repairs your vehicle may be facing.

Porsche Clutch Replacement

Whether you have 100 or 1000 miles on your Porsche, clutch problems could occur and for a variety of reasons. The longer you put off fixing a slipped clutch, the more likely you are to run into additional damage and accelerated problems related to the flywheel and additional components. To avoid this, make sure to get a diagnosis and clutch replacement sooner rather than later. Our professional, experienced techs and service advisors welcome you to our shop, take care of all your clutch repair needs and keep you informed throughout the entire process.

Porsche Suspension Repair

Yearly inspections of your Porsche’s steering and suspension systems are necessary to maintain the best ride as well as the safety of the vehicle. A complete, thorough examination of these systems is included with our services each time your Porsche comes through our doors. Our professional service advisors determine the cause of any unsettling noises, concerns or drivability issues you may be facing, giving you complete confidence in any work performed.

Porsche Electrical Diagnosis

Properly maintained electrical systems are vital to keeping your Porsche in top driving condition. Performing battery, alternator and starter inspections at the right intervals are critical to prevent and address any drivability concerns. If a light is out, the radio isn’t working or a portable device isn’t connecting, bring your vehicle to our factory-trained techs for a complete diagnosis and thorough resolution. We’ll walk you through the process and make sure your Porsche is performing its best.

Porsche ABS Module Repair

Porsche braking problems can worsen over time, which is why getting any concerns addressed early on by a specialized technician is so important. One critical issue in particular is failure of the ABS (anti-lock brake system) control module, which operates your Porsche’s ABS system based on data received from various sensors. When this module fails, further braking complications can occur, affecting the performance and drivability of your vehicle. Our professional, experienced service providers and technicians will make sure these issues are taken care of and your Porsche is operating safely.

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​Send us a time you’d like to bring us your vehicle and someone will respond within 24hrs.

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