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3zero3 Motorsports Reviews

We at 3zero3 Motorsports strive each day to provide our clients with positive automotive experience.  We encourage you to share your 3zero3 story with those that have yet to meet us and experience firsthand the 3zero3 difference. Overall client experience is our top priority. If there is ever a time we fall short please contact us at info@3zero3motorsports.com and give us the opportunity to make things right in the world.

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Al A.


The people at 3zero3 always take care of you and treat you like family. Being a single woman I always worry if a repair shop is taking advantage of my lack of knowledge with cars but that is something I do not worry about with 3zero3. One of the owners, Scott, always takes the time to explain what is wrong with my car, what should be fixed right away, and will break down the whole process with me so I understand what is actually going on and why its important. I have and will always recommend this place for any type of repairs with high performance vehicles.

Fred S.


Super friendly staff and always willing to help you out. I brought my car in for some service work and they were upfront about what they could and couldn't do and how I should go about correcting things on my car to make sure the work they did was 100% correct instead of just proceeding and having things not be the way I wanted or should be. The prices are competitive with the dealerships Ive check but overall the experience is way better than taking your car to a dealer. Highly recommend.

Dan M.


My experience at 3ZERO3 was great! I have owned my 2006 Audi A4 Quattro for a couple of weeks now and wanted to bring it in to have it looked at by these guys and gals before I started digging into mods. Not only did they find a faulty sensor, but a chewed up wire as well was tripping my oil sensor light on the dash to illuminate. They made the repairs and also added extra protection to the wiring in that area to prevent it from happening again. The customer waiting area is pretty nice! The couches are comfy, there is a TV, chilled bottled water and a Keurig. I also enjoyed sitting near the shop area. There are large windows with a bar style counter and stools along the wall. You can pass time drooling through the windows into the shop. You can see some of the current projects being worked on and even occasionally catch a glimpse to see where the tech is with your car (I would highly suggest not staring at them like it's TV the entire time). I can't wait to go back and get some performance work done!

Zachary w.


3Zero3 is the best place to take any euro car hands down! I have had my car here three times now and every time I have been extremely pleased. The team is very talented and can take on any challenge from tuning to suspension excellent work. I worked with Daniel this last time and he catered to every need, when faced with a issue or problem handled in the most professional fashion. Their relationship with other companies allows them to have an extraordinary warranty program on parts. I highly suggest them to anybody looking for any work to be done on their cars.

Patrick A.


Overall it was a very easy and enjoyable experience installing my new exhaust. I scheduled my appointment and then dropped off the car. It was that easy. The employees are really honest when talking about their products-- letting you know what works best for you and what's the best value. I've had the exhaust in for about a week now and it sounds fantastic! Thank you 3zero3!

Morgan R.


Scott and Mike are some of the best people on the car industry you will meet. I needed to get my car Sophia, her tires calibrated and dialed into my speedometer and get a letter from Scott to present to the judge for me fixing my problem and got my speeding ticket comely wiped out! It was amazing, my experience here was awesome. The staff is very friendly and keeps you in the loop of what's going on with your vehicle and explains what they have done. I will definitely come back!!! Thanks guys!

Adam J.


Awesome work, great living and some seriously nice people. I brought my S5 in for some expensive work. A day after I dropped the car off I was called and told the mechanic recommended a far less expensive fix (he was right too). I then asked for a couple other items (alignment, carbon cleaning) to be done while we waited for parts. Everything has been working great since, the car drives better and the two mechanical issues I brought the car in for are completely taken care of. I personally will continue to use them for every service/modding need and highly recommend 3Zero3

Dameon S.

Q5 01/21/2017

Awesome work, great living and some seriously nice people. I brought my S5 in for some expensive work. A day after I dropped the car off I was called and told the mechanic recommended a far less expensive fix (he was right too). I then asked for a couple other items (alignment, carbon cleaning) to be done while we waited for parts. Everything has been working great since, the car drives better and the two mechanical issues I brought the car in for are completely taken care of. I personally will continue to use them for every service/modding need and highly recommend 3Zero3

Troy J.


We've been using 3ZERO3 for well over a decade. Great staff, great service and we wouldn't go anywhere else! It's a huge plus for us that we can trust our advisors and our mechanic! Highly recommend Scott and his crew to take care of you and your ride!!

Andy J.


Very professional and courteous. If you want to make sure your car is treated correctly, bring it here.

Troy J.


 I was referred to 3Zero3 about 13 years ago. Coming from a motorsports family in the Midwest, I was lost without a mechanic I could trust here in Denver. When I found 3Zero3, I found "home".

I'm a long time Audi & Mercedes driver...and the way I drive, I need an honest and reliable mechanic!! Scott and his crew have taken care of my '98 A4, '02 A4 and my 2010 S5 over the years. I wouldn't take them to anyone else. JP is my guy and I trust his hands on my car above and beyond any mechanic in the metro area. Scott has a knack for hiring and retaining the best for his team. These guys are solid, honest and will take great care of you and your ride. They can fix your daily driver or trick out your ride with performance mods for a summer rally!

Someone wrote here that they may be a little pricey.....um, you get what you pay for people! Honesty and AAA quality work is what have kept this shop in business. In all my years going here, I have never felt like I was given a work order estimate of unnecessary repairs. Not to mention that the customer service is above and beyond expectations.

The point is that you can't go wrong with 3zero3 as your choice for a mechanic shop. Whether you need an oil change or a performance mod....once you go here, you won't go anywhere else. That's my story anyway...13 years later...I can honestly say I would be lost if I had to search out another option. Thanks guys for always taking care of us and our cars!

Max S.


 Where to start, this place has been first class all the way since I've started taking my 2 Audi's there.  First, customer service is second to none, I've dealt with Daniel on multiple occasions and he's taken the time to explain the issues and given multiple solutions to these problems while helping to take it easy on my wallet.  I'm sure the rest of the advisors are the same way.

Next, the quality of work and the ability to diagnose issues by their technicians has also been remarkable.  Whether you drive a brand new 911 Porsche or a 88' Jetta these guys treat it all the same.

I hope I don't have a need to go back anytime soon, but if I do I know my cars are in excellent hands.

I'd hands down recommend this shop to anybody that has a Euro and wants the same if not better quality work done than the "stealership".

One of the amazing parts is how well they wash your car prior to pickup.  Almost detail quality, I may break something on purpose just to get that wash!  JK, but seriously it's that good.

Jay P.


After spending time online looking around for a Front Range shop to do a pretty substantial build on my 2013 MK VI GTI, I fired off a few emails to several local tuners. To 3ZERO3's credit, they were the only ones to reply - and the reply was perfect. After some initial relevant questions from their service writer, we got down to brass tacks and took my imagination forward with some great suggestions and additions that I would have never thought of. Where we ended up is exactly where I wanted to go with my car. The folks at 3ZERO3 are total pros. They'll listen to you, do really high quality work and give you amazing customer service.

Daniel M.


Friendly staff and comfortable waiting areas. Had a purchase inspection done on my 06 A4 Quattro. They repaired my oil level sensor wires and installed a protective sheath around it to prevent the wires from being chewed on again, changed my oil and checked a few other things. Great people!

Tristan T.


came across 3zero3 when shopping for wheels for my 2010 Jetta. I was referred to them by the sales guy at VMR wheels as the local dealer. I must admit that growing up in a Motorsport family and being around knowledgeable car people all my life I have developed a keen sense for recognizing similar people.

As most would agree the Auto shop/repair/mechanic business comes with a certain stigma of being taken advantage of and/or being gauged on price and so on. I can't say that I am immune to that and even more sensitive due to my experience (it's always difficult to find a shop that is competent, knowledgeable and fair) - but 3zero3 smashes any of those apprehensions the moment you walk through the door.

The people here have a true passion for the cars they work on and clearly take pride in their craft. I have to say that pulling up to a shop with BMW's, Audi's and Porsche's (they even a Bentley) in my lowly Jetta I felt like I was in the wrong place. But, Blake Katchur treated me just like anyone else - even going so far as to give me a tour of the shop.

As you can tell by the photos 3zero3 are committed to the customer experience from front to back. The waiting area is comfortable and inviting and the shop is clean and well maintained. Also (if it makes any difference) they are 30 miles from where I live and am more than willing to drive across town to have these guys work on my car in future.

Big shout out to Blake for the awesome customer service (talk about a guy who loves what he does) and for being so patient with all my questions.

3zero3 have got it together and even have an online store for performance parts - can't say enough about em'

Val F.


Always a good experience at 3zero3. Everyone is knowledgeable, nice, respectful, and communicative. I always have peace of mind knowing I'm dealing with German car experts. I've had two audis and a mini Cooper, and I've deeply regretted it when I brought them to anyone else but 3zero3 ( I live far away, so it's been more times than I care to admit). Save yourself the trouble fixing other shops' work, and get it done right the first time. Highly recommend.

Andrew B.


Amazing experience at 3zero3. I dealt with Michael, he was very professional and a pleasure to work with. I had a new exhaust installed on my BMW 3 series and could not be happier with the quality of service and product. The facility is clean and comfortable. I would highly recommend 3zero3 for any of your German car needs. I cannot say enough good things about this shop.


John L.


I've been taking my Audi TT to 3zero3 for about 3 years now, after having a less than pleasant experience at another shop. They may not be the cheapest game in town, but they really know what they are doing and stand behind their work. I've had several technical challenges with my car but Scott and his crew have always been able to figure things out! Their customer service is world class - loaner cars/shuttle service, flexible scheduling, friendly/responsive service advisers - a really comfy couches in the lobby.

Chantae T.


To begin, let me be honest in saying I read practically every review prior to deciding to contact 3Zero3, and although the reviews were amazing, my main concern was still the financial cost as I was told 3zero3 is more costly than most shops and I had read the same in some of the reviews. As a single parent, this freaked me out!!! 
All that said, in my desperation to get my car fixed I emailed them via their convenient website form and let them know my car troubles and concerns. Around 10am, the next morning, I decided to follow-up with a phone call and was greeted by the friendliest voice ever, Colleen, who after I simply said my name, let me know that they had received my email and a man by the name of Daniel planned on calling me shortly. She then went to check to see if he was available in that moment. As he was not she guaranteed a call shortly. Less than 15 minuted later I received and missed a call from Daniel and immediately called back. As he was again busy a man by the name of Scott picked up the phone. He kindly introduced himself and noted the concerns in my email. He then was so super friendly and personable that I immediately trusted shipping my car to their shop as he gave me a detailed overview of the work they do and the reason for pricing. He immediately made me feel like part of 'the family'. 
I had my car towed to the shop and soon received a call in regard to its arrival from Scott. He let me know the plan with hopes of letting me know the problem prior to the end of the day. As the end of the day grew near I had not heard from him. If you have ever been without your car, this is when panic sets in...lol... but soon received a voicemail at around 7:30pm letting me know the main problem with my car, with the hope to speak with me the next morning prior to 10am. I called 3zero3 back around 9:30am and was again greeted by the friendliest voice ever! Scott soon got on the phone and basically explained each detail of my car's problems as if he were talking about one of my children, in such a delicate and caring manner. Long story short, the cost of my cars repairs was minuscule in comparison to the level of customer service, care, and friendship/relationship development that was encompassed into the experience. I have a 2000 VW Passat, so you can imagine how many times I have had to take it into a shop through the years. This is honestly the first time that I felt confident that my car was in the best hands possible! Being without your car is like losing a huge part of you in that moment, it is nice to know your car and you are in good hands. Overall, I would totally recommend 3zero3 for any car care service that you may be in need of.

Valli C.


Top notch customer service and knowledgeable, excellent technicians. Love 3Zero3 Motorsports!

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